Be Your Own Paparazzi!

Go give this app a look in the App Store and find out if you’d like to be your own Paparazzi!

Have you ever heard of the viral social media app “VSCO”? If you haven’t, here’s the rundown. Taking pictures with friends and family is definitely something a lot of people have in common. Well, the VSCO app is used for not only sharing the pictures you take, but also editing them. Many photos that are posted on this app go viral and are seen all over the internet! However, VSCO has been around for some time and many have lost interest. But with that came the birth of a new app called “Paparazzi”!

Paparazzi is a brand new app that just launched about a week ago and so far has received an amazing response from the public! The icon for this app is an eye-catching blue square, with a flashy ‘P’ directly in the center, helping the app stand out. The purpose of this app is similar to VSCO, but with Paparazzi you can tag friends, make GIF’s (Graphical Interchange Format… in simple terms, an animated image), and like other people’s posts. It’s also been seen as another version of Instagram! You can create a profile with a profile picture, then from there you can choose to follow people and post on your page in a sort of Instagram feed layout. You can also sync Snapchat to the app to add more friends! Cool right?! The app is rated #6 on the App Store charts and has a 4.5 star rating! Many people got to test the beta version which is just an early access to the app. There were some spam account problems in the software when the app was first launched, but was fixed right away! The targeted audience is age 12 and up, so it is pretty age friendly! The creators of this app is TTYL Inc., the same developer who released “Yearbook 2020”, which is an online snapchat yearbook which you can also check out on the App Store! 

In closing, the app is exciting many teens throughout the world and has been spreading rapidly throughout other social media platforms. It’s a fun way to make some new friends and get your unforgettable memories out into the world for other people to see! Go give this app a look in the App Store and find out if you’d like to be your own Paparazzi!