Money Opportunities at Lompoc High School!

The Lompoc Business Club is looking for new members to make money.


Taylor Bridges, Author

Are you interested in starting your own business when you get out of high school? A hair salon, restaurant, auto-shop? If you have big dreams about carving out your own part of this world and being a benefit to your community then The Lompoc Business Club is the helping hand to take your first steps towards success.

Led by Mr. Gary Dimitratos, an accomplished teacher here at Lompoc High. Before he started teaching accounting he was a principal and helped open two schools. He owned a successful business for ten years and has the skills and knowledge to teach us students how to as well. Our Business Club hit eleventh place out of one hundred forty two contestants at the Future Business Leaders of America essay contest held last year. Although they deal with a lot of numbers and statistics anyone can join regardless of prior knowledge on the subject.

Quarantine put a hindrance on operations however, they’re getting back out there into the community with their feet on the ground and eyes pointed towards high goals. With mobile car washing, jewelry and apparel, gift shops, food trucks, and the streaming of Football games with future plans to expand, there is no shortage of work to be done. You will learn the skills to make a business of your own someday and that’s not all. A real paycheck will be included.

Mr. Dimitratos says real life isn’t that easy, so the sooner you start it’ll only get better for you. Learning these skills now and taking them with you hopefully into college you can start your own business. Using what’s called “Bottom Marketing,” starting small and working your way up into the big leagues, they already had an alumni member start their own independent business. They’re currently looking for more members to boost into success, so now’s your chance!

The Lompoc Business Club meets every week on Tuesdays at lunch from 11:00-11:45 am. If you would like to learn more check out their podcast, “Lompoc Business Club” on YouTube, hosted by South Side Coffee. This is an awesome club and a great opportunity to anyone interested in making their own money. Success is calling you Lompoc High! Will you take the step forward?