LHS CHEER — An Arduous Activity

Spirit-leading, or cheerleading is one of the most arduous activities at Lompoc High. It requires a great deal of memorization, coordination, and commitment to the team. They’re very accomplished– requiring a creative mindset for spirit weeks, an accurate memory for dance routines, a regard for their community service, punctuality, and involvement.

As you know these spirit-leaders have a lot going on with their daily lives. From memorizing math formulas to memorizing dance routines, cheerleading is as much of a mental activity as their other classes.  Of course, not all cheerleaders have the same experience, but at the end of the day, they all have similar circumstances. 

From personal experience, I couldn’t imagine my life without cheer. Cheer has been there for me when times were tough. “Cheer is where I go to release my stress in a positive way and the team is like my family”, says captain Ava Arias. The cheer team will forever hold a special place in our cheerleader’s hearts. 

All cheerleaders have their different reasons for joining the cheer team. JV member, Brooklynn McGinnis expresses, “The reason why I joined cheer was because I wanted to be closer to the football field and experience the different points of view of the games”. Our Lompoc High cheerleaders come from different backgrounds and stories, allowing for further unification on the team and in the community. 

Advice given to future cheerleaders from these current cheerleaders, is to take the risk and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, because if you don’t, you are going to regret it. Be yourself and always give 110% effort! A piece of advice from JV member, Yuridia Amezcua, is to, “not be shy to meet other cheerleaders on the team because you will make so many new friendships”. And…  whether you’re on or off the SPIRIT-leading team, we could all use a little more spirit and encouragement in our day to day lives!