Drama Club! — 2021

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Whether it be groundbreaking melodramas, delightful comedies, or truly sublime musicals, Lompoc High School’s Drama Club is full of amazing opportunities. The club is run by a group of elected officers and LHS’s beloved staff members: Sarah Barthel, Bree Jansen, and Sarah Santiago. They organize the meetings and all the productions that take place throughout the year. Anyone interested in the arts should consider joining the club, as it could be an opportunity for safe and fun self-expression. 

The elected officers of the club are Aleida Hernandez as president, Anahi Rodriguez as vice president, Sugar Gaitan as Treasurer, Anya Gallardo as secretary, and Mark Ainsworth as historian. These students work directly with Director Sarah Barthel, Sound and Lighting Designer Sarah Santiago, and Video Designer/Choreographer Bree Jansen to make Drama Club a functioning organization– which they do an outstanding job of!

Every school year, there are a total of four productions. Drama Club President Aleida Hernandez shares that, “[drama club has] the first play that’s usually in the fall, then another play – or sometimes musical – in the winter. And then we do a musical in the spring, and then, comedy tonight which is a play that is full of scenes written by students.” And if you are worried about not getting the role you want in any of these because of physical attributes, do not fret! All genders, sexualities, and ethnicities are open to any role they’d like because there aren’t any restrictions to who can play what character. Hernandez explains that “to be in a production, you only have to have at least a 2.0 GPA. It’s kind of like a sport in that way. And you also have to have good attendance.” If you wish to audition for any of the four productions, you can go to the Little Theatre when it is announced, or you can go to Barthel’s room in FL-2 and ask any questions you may have.

Anyone who wishes to join the drama club can come to the Little Theater at the top of lunch on Fridays. This is when and where Drama Club meets, and there, you can start getting integrated into the community! During these meetings, vital information is shared, important events are announced, and members can take part in riveting games run by the officers. Drama Club is a safe environment for all, and it can truly make your high school experience so much better. Aleida Hernandez expresses how her “favorite part about drama club, and drama in general, is being able to talk to everybody and feeling like you’re a part of something.”

LHS Drama Club is a perfect place for anyone interested in the arts or anyone looking for a fun and close community. You can show your support by joining in on the fun, or coming to any of the plays they produce!